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Now that it was about to happen, he felt behind him to touch Isabella without moving his eyes from the direction of the sound. He wanted her close…He took a breath and slowly exhaled. He looked straight down his extended right arm and over the barrel of the Glock to the growing shape at the bend in the creek, with the dark mass of brush and trees beyond it. Be enough weapon, he prayed.”


FAST-RISING FBI AGENT THADDEUS PENNOCK loves to catch bad guys and beautiful women but never mixes the two — until now.  Pennock and his savvy partner investigate a brutal drive-by shooting that has the earmarks of a mob hit. A fiery Congresswoman publicly accuses a secretive businessman of being a drug lord and the mastermind of the murder. Pennock must penetrate the facades of these two powerful enemies who manipulate events to influence his investigation and bring each other down. The only thing harder for Pennock than discovering who ordered the hit is preventing the killer from striking again.

A master at hiding in plain sight and fueled by a singular vengeance, the killer forges a bloody trail over two continents, stalking the murder victim’s former lover, a strong-willed Argentinian beauty who draws Pennock in up to his heart.

THE PLOT RACES FROM the sinister world of organized crime in Philadelphia to dirty DC politics and from deadly deception in Buenos Aires to a murderous ambush in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania horse country, with provocative characters and unexpected twists at every turn.