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The plot races from the sinister world of organized crime in Philadelphia to dirty DC politics and from deadly deception in Buenos Aires to a murderous ambush in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania horse country, with provocative characters and unexpected twists at every turn.


What The Readers Are Saying...

“Necessary Vengeance is a fast-paced pleasure. Following FBI agent Thaddeus Pennock is a riveting thrill allowing us inside the minds of the pursuer and the pursued. I love a plot that draws the reader in with seeming predictability only to outsmart us and dash our pet theories of what will happen next. This one did it more than once. Even more enticing for this reader were the well delineated and varied characters…All things human are within the writer’s scope — arrogance, ambition, shame, obsession, compassion.” (Amazon reader review)

“Huge fan of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books, Vince Flynn’s Mitch Robie, etc., and this book took hold right away and I could not put it down.” (Amazon reader review)

“The action is involving from the get-go. The plot is convoluted, twisted, full of surprises, making the best of locations Mr. LaMotte knows very well…The writing is crisp, with much humor mixed into the action, but when he describes what means most to him, namely the horse country of Chester County PA, he becomes poetic, providing the reader a totally sensuous experience.” (Amazon reader review)

“The author’s love of horses and the Pennsylvania countryside came through and make you want to look for the places described in the book. Can see a sequel on the horizon.” (Amazon reader review)

“A fascinating trip into the minds of these diverse characters. A well-woven treatment of an age-old theme of revenge. One you can’t seem to shake until the last page.” (Amazon reader review)